Womens March Jan 21,2017

Gabby Aguele, 1st V.P. NJTO; Vicki Sidrow member NNJ NOW; Bonnie

Bonnie & Matt

Crowd shot inside War Memorial

Inside war memorial, with Deb facing sideways in front

Elizabeth Meyer, March Founder (in center)

Elizabeth at podium, with NJ Gay Men's Chorus

Crowd shot inside War Memorial

Maretta Short in center


Deb; front in scarf is Dalia Fahmy


Barbara Nehmad; Gabby; Bonnie; Matt

Barbara; Gabby; Bonnie; Matt; with Abortion sign: Connie Pascale (retired Legal Services attorney & NJTO Board)

Barbara; Bonnie; Connie; Matt

Holding NOW-NJ Banner: Students from Fusion Academy, Morristown: Isabel Perez, Patrick Lezynski, Link Brown, and Harley Sherman -- in back of them, wearing red top, is Academy teacher Kristen Miranda

Same, but right in back of Patrick is their teacher, Chip O'Brien, head of Jersey Justice Action.

Mary Pranzatelli (almost completely covered by "The White House of Horrors" sign) & sign artist Patty

Crowd shot


Matt, Bonnie, Connie, Gabby

NOW Banner carried by students; way in back is Rita Spaulding with partial NOW round showing

Gabby, Matt, Chip

Gabby, Chip



Pussy hats


Crowd shot

WOMEN UNITED banner (official March banner)

Front of State House as people are leaving

Matt & Deb

Mary & Patty & paparazzi

Elizabeth & husband Jamie

Bonnie, Matt, Deb

Vicki, Matt, Deb, Gabby