NOW-NJ 2014 State Conference


Getting Set Up



Rick Gray & Vicki Disrow

 Vicki Disrow,NNJ NOW member with  Rick Gray, VP Membership

Karen White & Carol Gay

Karen White, speaker & Carol Gay, head IUC

Bonnie and Matt

Lynn Petrovich & Friends

Lynn Petrovich, VP Medicare for All-NJ & Friends

Maretta & Vanessa

The New Officiers

  1. Rick Gray, VP Membership
  2. Karen Lontka, VP Technology
  3. Vicky S., Action VP
  4. Michelle McMullen, Tresurer
  5. Bonnie Shapiro, Admin VP
  6. Deb Huber, President
  7. Jonnie Parks, Secretary

Jonnie, Shirly and Rita

Bonnie and Terry

Bonnie Shapiro, Exec VP NOW-NJ and Terry O'Neill, President National NOW

Vicki, Brenda and Rosemary

Jennifer and her daughter

Panel Discussion

Deb, Bonnie and Dina

Vicki registers Catherine Hunt

Dipti and Her Paintings

Dipti and Her Paintings

Dipti and Her Paintings

Sammy Bravo and Taylor Turner

The two conference documentarians

Shirly Henderson

Milly Silva

Mily and Terry

Ingrid Hill

Vanessa and Rite from the pages of Vanity Fair

Rick and Karen

Young Feminists Strategize

This Is Diversity!

Karen at the Camera

Deb Huber

Terry O'Neill

Carol Loscalzo, NJAAF Pres. and Jennifer Groves, NOW Cherry Hill

Vanessa Loh, VP NNJ & Mary Gatta, Sr Scholar - Wider Op. for Women

The Podium