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From the February Morris County NOW Newsletter:


Morris County NOW Supports the Transgender Community


by Mavra Stark and Terri Fasano


At its February chapter meeting, Morris County NOW voted in favor of presenting a resolution at the next NOW-NJ state meeting supporting legislation currently in the NJ Assembly (A3678) which seeks to amend the NJ state law against discrimination to include "gender identity or expression".  We also agreed as a chapter to support and work towards the passage of such legislation.

As part of this support Mavra Stark, Morris County NOW Executive VP and NOW-NJ VP Action, makes the following request:

Dear Members,

As you know NOW-New Jersey, our state chapter, and Morris County NOW have historically supported the extension of civil rights to all persons, and especially, given the climate of intolerance we face, transgender persons.

Transgender people run the gamut from heterosexuals who enjoy cross-dressing to those who change their sex medically.

New Jersey is a very progressive state, as states go.  We have laws that protect all manner of individual civil rights for most categories of people.  For example, homosexuals have many rights here that they don't have in many other states.

However, those rights do not extend to the transgendered.  As a result, a homosexual can't be fired for being a homosexual, but someone who is transgendered has no such protection.

GRAANJ (Gender Rights Advocacy Association of New Jersey) is fighting for transgender rights.

There is a bill in the New Jersey Assembly that would extend the rights the rest of us have to transgender people.  We are asking you to go to the GRAANJ website and to follow the clicks to send a message to your representatives in the Assembly.  You will be asking your assembly persons to vote in favor of the bill.

Right now there isn't a companion bill in the NJ State Senate.  On the GRAANJ website, you will also find a way to click out a request to your state senator to sponsor a companion bill.

Here is the site to go to now.

Please remember that NOW, although primarily an organization that exists to foster the rights of women, is also deeply committed to the rights of all persons.

This action will just take you a minute, and it will be a big help.

Thanks so very much.

For Equality,







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