NOW New Jersey members remain committed to electing legislators that will advance a feminist agenda.


National Organization for Women of New Jersey Political Action Committee (NOW-NJ PAC) is endorsing an additional forty-six candidates for election in the upcoming November general election.  

 “New Jersey will truly flourish when our legislature reflects the population of our state. To that end, we are proud to endorse a group of pro-choice, feminist candidates whose diversity will serve our state well,” said Linda Weber, Chair of NOW-NJ PAC. “NOW advocates for reproductive rights, racial justice, environmental justice, efforts to stop violence against women, pay equity and Constitutional recognition of equal rights for women. These candidates are worthy of our support because we believe they will help in the fight furthering all of these issues.”

Sia Bansal, summer intern with NOW-NJ PAC and NOW Campus Action Network leader at Livingston High School, emphasized the importance of legislation that supports women and minorities. “I hope as a high school student to one day live in a society where we have true equality. Being that legislation is the best way to implement change on a large scale, we need legislators who are dedicated to actively empowering women and working towards a society where women can achieve their full potential.” 

Incumbents were recommended for endorsement on the basis of their strong voting record on bills and resolutions supporting our feminist agenda that were passed since the last election and their continued commitment to NOW New Jersey’s legislative priorities. Challengers were recommended on the strength of their responses to our application and demonstrated support for women’s issues in their official campaign platform. In the absence of both for a candidate, no endorsements were made.



For the November 2021 Gubernatorial election
Sheila Oliver* (D)  for Lieutenant Governor
Phil Murphy* (D) for Governor was endorsed ahead of the Primary election.


For the November 2021 Legislative election 




Gabriela Mosquera* (D) for Assembly


Troy Singleton* (D) for Senate

Carol Murphy* (D) for Assembly


Emma Mammano (D) for Senate


Vin Gopal* (D) for Senate

Joann Downey* (D) for Assembly


Raya Arbiol (D) for Assembly


Linda Greenstein* (D) for Senate

Wayne DeAngelo* (D) and Daniel Benson* (D) for Assembly


Shirley K. Turner* (D) for Senate

Verlina Reynolds-Jackson* (D) and Anthony S. Verrelli* (D) for Assembly


Andrew Zwicker (D) for Senate

Roy Freiman* (D) and Sadaf F. Jaffer (D) for Assembly


Joe Danielsen* (D) for Assembly


Sterley Stanley* (D) for Assembly


Joseph Signorello (D) for Senate

Elizabeth A. Graner (D) for Assembly


Nicholas P. Scutari* (D) for Senate

Linda S. Carter* (D) and James Kennedy* (D) for Assembly 


Hope Kaufman (D) for Assembly


Jeff Grayzel (D) for Senate

Patricia Veres (D) and Lauren Barnett (D) for Assembly


Christine Clarke (D) for Senate

Pamela Fadden (D) and Melissa Brown Blaeuer (D) for Assembly


Mila Jasey* (D) and John McKeon* (D) for Assembly


Cleopatra Tucker* (D) for Assembly


Teresa Ruiz* (D) for Senate


Angela McKnight* (D) for Assembly


Annette Chaparro* (D) and Raj Mukherji* (D) for Assembly


Nia H. Gill* (D) for Senate

Britnee N. Timberlake* (D) for Assembly


Shavonda Sumter* (D) for Assembly


Clinton Calabrese* (D) for Assembly


Lisa Swain* (D) and Christopher Tully* (D) for Assembly


Karlito A. Almeda (D) for Assembly


Genevieve Allard (D) for Assembly

* – Incumbent


Annette Quijano* (D) for Assembly in LD20 and Anjali Mehrotra (D) for Assembly in LD21 were endorsed earlier this year. 


About National Organization for Women of NJ Political Action Committee (NOW-NJ PAC)

NOW-NJ PAC consists of representatives from all our chapters throughout the state along with members of the NOW New Jersey state board. Candidates were evaluated based on their record and/or commitment to push a legislative agenda in support of NOW’s six core issues. NOW’s core issues are as follows – achieving constitutional equality, ending violence against women, supporting LBGTQ+ rights and fighting for reproductive rights and justice, economic justice and racial justice.

About National Organization for Women of New Jersey (NOW-NJ)

The purpose of NOW-NJ is to take action through intersectional, anti-racist grassroots activism to promote feminist ideals, lead societal change, eliminate discrimination, and achieve and protect the equal rights of all women and girls in all aspects of social, political, and economic life.

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