This morning I attended a program about the war on women, featuring Senator Linda Greenstein. During the open question segment, I asked her about S2070. She said she had not received a good explanation of how the DOW would be fit into the Dpt of Children and Families. It's as if they would sort that out after the bill was signed.

After I got home, I emailed Janice Kovach. She was the Director of the DOW starting under Corzine, ending when she and Christie parted ways. Christie never replaced her. So for about 2 years, the DOW has had no director. That shows us what Christie thinks of the mission of DOW.


Janice called me back and we had a nice chat. She testified on Monday, and hopes to return for the hearing tomorrow in the Senate Budget Committee. She forwarded to me the attached statement from the WFNJ, along with other stuff about DOW. She said she thought that if DOW must be moved, if would be better in State or in Human Services. She said the reorg takes away the subcabinet status of DOW, and takes away the Director position. She said that on Monday, Senator Barbara Buono tried to pass an amendment to retain the Division status for the DOW.

The statement from WFNJ is quite alarming. The mission of the DOW could just be swept under the rug.

So, I plan to testify at the Budget hearing tomorrow. I will emphasize the important role of DOW in the lives of ordinary working women. I will support the Buono amendment. I had no idea this was moving so fast. It seems that they are including this in the ream of budget bills to be passed by July 1.

Deb Huber

Acting Legislative VP