jennifer a

Immediate Past President

Deb Huber

I was President of NOW-NJ from January, 2014 to January, 2019. Prior to then, I was the Legislative VP starting when the position was created in spring of 2012. I have raised NOW’s profile in Trenton by attending hearings and testifying on bills of interest to NOW. I was voted onto the Board of Working Families United. I have also been a member of the NOW-NJ PAC, chair of the Women & Health Task Force, member of the Combatting Racism Task Force, and Treasurer of the Somerset-Hunterdon chapter for many years.

I joined NOW in 1978. I was working as a Member of the Technical Staff of Bell Telephone Laboratories. Workplace issues triggered my interest in women’s rights, the women’s movement, and NOW. I was highly successful in my career at BTL, and was designated a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff in 1984. I have degrees from Cornell University and Stevens Institute of Technology.

I am thankful to NOW for what I have learned about LGBT rights, women’s economic oppression, and the commonalities between racism and sexism. I rely on that understanding and my personal life experiences when I speak as the public voice of NOW-NJ.