jennifer a

Past President 2012-2014

Jenifer Armiger



 I have been actively working on behalf of women's rights since the late 1990s, when I first joined South Jersey NOW-Alice Paul chapter. I served in many positions of leadership with SJ NOW, including fundraising vp and chapter president, and I served in the NOW-NJ leadership for a number of years. By day I am a professor of recent American history (post-1945), including women's history and radical history/social justice movements, as well as a test developer in history. I am dedicated to furthering women's equality and gender justice in our society, and to a humanist perspective, more broadly. NOW NJ continues to be a lead proponent for women's issues, fighting the good fight here in the Garden State. I know first hand, from my interaction with our current college generation, that feminism remains extraordinarily relevant and there is a dire need for the work that we do. As NOW-NJ president, I invest my energy in keeping that dynamism going forward and working on behalf of our core NOW issues and the revolution half won. As the poet, author and activist Audre Lorde said best "you silence will not protect you." Stand up, be heard and join us.