How to Create an Account

Before you can logon to the NOW-NJ site you must create an account profile. 

In the upper right corner of the site is a "Login" button.

When you click on this button, you will be presented with the login page.  If you do not yet have a login, Click on "Don't have an account:


When you create an account you are presented with an entry form where you fill in the basic information for your account.  Fields marked with an asterisk are required, all others are optional.  Under the Password field there is a password strength meter.  The minimum password length is 6 characters, the meter tests for complexity.  Always try to create a strong password.

To prevent the 'bad guys' from generating fake entries you need to prove that you are not a machine by entering a Captcha phrase.  In the example above the two words are "IMTAto" and "character".  Note that exact capitalization is not required, therefore, the first word could be entered as "imtato".  Sometimes the mangling of the words is too difficult, in this case you can click on the button shown above to get a new word pair.

When you have completed your entries, press "register" in the lower left corner

If all of the entries pass basic tests (valid email, password length, captcha, etc.) you will recieve a message indicating that your account request has be sent to the site administrator.

We must take this extra precaution to prevent bots and spammers from flooding the site.  When your account is approved, you will recieve a followup email.  When you reply to the activation link, you will be able to signon to the site.

Note that some email programs will place the return email into your junk folder. Indicate that it is not junk and continue to reply to the activation link.

You will receive an email that looks like:

Hello test3,

Thank you for registering at NOW-NJ. Your account is created and must be verified before you can use it.
To verify the account click on the following link or copy-paste it in your browser:

After verification an administrator will be notified to activate your account. You'll receive a confirmation when it's done.
Once that account has been activated you may login to using the following username and password:

Username: test3
Password: xxxxxx

Click on the link shown in RED. This will complete your registration.  You can now login to the site.