At our national NOW conference, we in the Northern election district elected 3 people to represent us on the national board.

First is Michelle Hamilton. She was one of our board members in the mid-atlantic region. She is newly elected President of PA NOW. Since she is African-American, we get 3 board members instead of just 2.

Next is Judi Polson, who is VP of NYC NOW.

Finally, Jacqueline Kozin, who is a member of NOW PAC. She is from Connecticut.

Polson and Kozin were the 2 candidates who emailed us before the conference as part of their campaign. Perhaps that contributed to their winning?

Candidates Robin Dionne (from RI) and Kaolin (from MA) did not attend the conference. This probably contributed to their not winning a seat.

The other candidate was Jaclyn Richard, President of the Rochester chapter.

Contact info for our 3 new board members:

Michelle Hamilton

Judi Polson


Jacqueline Kozin