NOW-NJ Announces Support of NJ Candidates for Assembly and Senate Campaigns


Trenton – The National Organization for Women of New Jersey (NOW-NJ) has affirmed its support of candidates running for offices of the Assembly and Senate in the November election. The NOW-NJ Political Action Committee (PAC) has made its recommendations for the candidates for the 2011 election for New Jersey Assembly and Senate. NOW-NJ conducted a widespread vetting process. This included an extensive interview of the candidates who passed a preliminary questionnaire. The recommendations for each candidate were based on their collective support of the six core goals of NOW-NJ. These goals are: Abortion Rights/Reproductive Issues, Violence against Women, Constitutional Equality, Promoting Diversity/Ending Racism, Lesbian Rights, and Economic Justice.After reviewing each candidate’s responses, and their voting record, the PAC voted for a recommendation. The notation of endorse indicates that the candidate was in complete agreement with all of the central objectives of NOW-NJ. In addition, the notation of support indicates that the candidate is in accord on most issues, but disagrees on one fundamental matter. The list below indicates the recommendation of NOW-NJ for candidates running for offices in the Assembly and State Senate.


Candidates for Assembly Party District NOW-NJ Recommendation
Alisa Cooper Democrat 2 Endorse
Damon Tyner Democrat 2 Endorse
Catherine Rome Democrat 12 Endorse
Bonnie Watson Coleman Democrat 15 Endorse
Reed Gusciora Democrat 15 Endorse
Marie Corfield Democrat 16 Endorse
Annette Quijano Democrat 20 Endorse
Linda Stender Democrat 22 Endorse
Jerry Green Democrat 22 Endorse
Scott McDonald Democrat 23 Endorse
Karen Carroll Democrat 23 Endorse
Jim Nye Democrat 24 Endorse
Leslie Huhn Democrat 24 Endorse
Ruben Ramos Democrat 33 Endorse
Fernando Uribe Republican 33 Endorse
Connie Wagner Democrat 38 Endorse
Timothy Eustace Democrat 38 Endorse


Candidates for Assembly Party District NOW-NJ Recommendation
John J. Burzichelli Democrat 3 Support
Paul Moriarty Democrat 4 Support
Louis Greenwald Democrat 6 Support
Pamela Lampitt Democrat 6 Support
Troy Singleton Democrat 7 Support
Upendra Chivukula Democrat 17 Support
John Wisniewski Democrat 19 Support
Sheila Oliver Democrat 34 Support


Candidates for Senate Party District NOW-NJ Recommendation
Gail Cook Democrat 7 Endorse
Maureen Vella Democrat 16 Endorse
Bob Smith Democrat 17 Endorse
Barbara Buono Democrat 18 Endorse
Joseph Vitale Democrat 19 Endorse
John Graf Democrat 23 Endorse
Edwin Selby Democrat 24 Endorse
Loretta Weinberg Democrat 37 Endorse
Robert Gordon Democrat 38 Endorse


Candidates for Senate Party District NOW-NJ Recommendation
James Beach Democrat 6 Support
Shirley Turner Democrat 15 Support