The NOW-NJ Political Action Committee (PAC) is pleased to announce its endorsement, by unanimous vote, of Senator Barbara Buono for Governor.

A tireless champion for women’s rights, Senator Barbara Buono’s proven record in the legislature demonstrates her long-standing commitment to women, families, and workers in the Garden State. While Chris Christie has waged a relentless war against women by cutting funds for basic family planning and health services and rejecting an increase in the minimum wage, Senator Buono has courageously defended women’s rights, public education, and public sector unions. (Click Here for a copy of the official announcement)

 Experienced and well-qualified, Senator Buono brings more than a message of compassion, hope, and respect for women and working people in New Jersey—she is a fierce defender of women’s rights and economic justice. She has been willing to put her own career on the line to defend what is right and fair. New Jersey needs this brand of courage in these hard economic times and to counter the efforts of the current administration to undermine the basic rights of women in the Garden State.

The feminist candidate and the people’s candidate, Senator Buono stands strong behind and stands up in support of economic justice, women’s rights, equality of opportunity, reproductive rights, funding for women’s health services, and marriage equality. NOW-NJ proudly and enthusiastically endorses her gubernatorial candidacy as representative of our ideals and the future of New Jersey