No doubt, the pandemic has caused an unprecedented fiscal challenge for the state of New Jersey. As Gov. Phil Murphy and the Legislature work on adopting a state budget that reflects our new reality, I urge them, in the words of Abigail Adams, to “Remember the ladies …” A budget is, at its heart, an expression of a society’s priorities, and therefore New Jersey’s spending plan must reflect our state’s progressive values.

The economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has hit women, particularly women of color, disproportionately. In April, the majority of jobs lost were held by women. Women are more likely to hold jobs in industries like retail, hospitality and medical offices that have been shuttered as a result of mandatory business closures and social-distancing. And because women make less than their male counterparts, they are less likely to have the financial resources to outlast the recession brought on by the pandemic. READ MORE >>

By Anjali Mehrotra, Special to the USA TODAY NETWORK