Sexist label of “inexperience” reminiscent of attacks long used as excuses to disqualify women


National Organization for Women of New Jersey is thrilled with the nomination of Rachel Wainer Apter to the New Jersey Supreme Court. Governor Murphy’s announcement at the Rutgers-Newark Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hall on what would have been the former Justice’s 88th birthday paid singular homage to her legacy in picking one of her own. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Wainer Apter clerked for Ginsburg from 2011 to 2012 and was among those chosen to stand as honorary guard when Ginsburg lay in repose at the U.S. Supreme Court last year.

Ms. Wainer Apter is the current director of the state Division of Civil Rights and formerly a staff attorney for the national office of American Civil Liberties Union. Her strong commitment to addressing systemic inequality is apparent from her resume of multiple clerkships and positions she has held. That her values are considered “further to the left” is more a statement on where her critics stand on issues of social and racial justice, than a reflection on how she will adjudicate from the bench.

Further, remarks on her ‘inexperience” are uncalled for and undeniably sexist. They also reek of hypocrisy coming from the flag bearer of the party that recently allowed seven confirmations of President’s Trump’s nominees deemed “not-qualified” by the American Bar Association.

NOW New Jersey urges the Senate to confirm Ms. Wainer Apter with bi-partisan support and especially calls on all female Senators to advocate for this exceptional, qualified candidate. Following the confirmation of Justice Pierre-Louis last year, the swift confirmation of Ms. Wainer Apter will be another home-run for all New Jerseyans.


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