A dark day for women in America as states will now be forcing women to give birth

National Organization for Women of New Jersey (NOW–NJ) is outraged by the Supreme Court opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization that reverses almost 50 years of protection for abortion based on its decisions from Roe v Wade and Casey v Planned ParenthoodThough expected, the decision is nevertheless devastating. Abortion rights were hanging by a thread as extremists who have pushed for decades to undo abortion rights seized the opportunity to create a conservative majority on the Supreme Court. Today, that thread—that lifeline—has been cut.

The Supreme Court’s ruling endangers the lives of women and others who can get pregnant across the country, especially those who are low-income, of color from disenfranchised communities. Historically, these communities have faced barriers to reproductive health care and have experienced worse health outcomes because of systemic oppressions in the health care system. Sadly, these barriers and this racial trauma continue in our present-day experience. As clinics close and new restrictions pushing quality, affordable reproductive health care out of reach are voted into law, the burden of access is exacerbated.

Passage of the Freedom of Reproductive Choice Act this past January means that state law will protect those seeking an abortion in New Jersey, and protect the doctors, nurses and professional medical staff that provide services. But as Anjali Mehrotra, President of NOW–NJ, notes, “Women know what’s at stake. This is only the beginning for this Supreme Court. We know they are coming after marriage equality and contraception next. Their attempts to seize control over constitutional rights are boundless. They want legislators to make decisions about our basic rights. We are up to the challenge. We have seen in 2017 and 2018 in New Jersey that women’s political power is huge and it can only grow wider and stronger. We will vote in ever increasing numbers to elect, at every level, legislators that share our values.” 

NOW-NJ members will be active wherever grassroots grow—in our communities, through our state and local chapters, in every election at every level.

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