Sheila Y. OJill Lazare and Sheila Oliverliver
July 14, 1952-August 1, 2023

Sheila Y. Oliver was a magnificent trailblazing, strong woman. Born and raised in Essex County, New Jersey, she rose to be speaker of the NJ General Assembly and the first democratic woman, and woman of color, to be Lt. Governor of New Jersey.

She was a force to be reckoned, a strong advocate for those who needed her voice: women, people of color, and all working New Jersey-ans, to name just a few of those who benefited from her activism. She strongly fought for equal pay and raising the minimum wage.

I remember her as being there for me when she was the Speaker and I first ran for assembly. She was always accessible and generous with her time to me and, I believe, to all other women candidates. She was down to earth, kind, and smart. New Jersey just lost a true New Jersey-an who never tired of fighting for all of us. She will be missed and I will miss her dearly.,

Jill LaZare
Acting President