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Feminist Friday – July 02, 2021

WELCOME to the next edition of NOW New Jersey’s monthly FEMINIST FRIDAY Newsletter! Summer is in full swing with everyone looking forward to Fourth of July festivities on Sunday. With the close of primary season in June, we are starting to look ahead to November’s...

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Feminist Friday – April 30, 2021

WELCOME to the next edition of NOW New Jersey’s monthly FEMINIST FRIDAY Newsletter! Looking ahead, May is both Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month and Sex Ed for All Month. This year, during AAPI heritage month, recognizing and lifting AAPI...

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Feminist Friday – March 26, 2021

WELCOME to the Equal Pay edition of NOW New Jersey’s monthly FEMINIST FRIDAY Newsletter wrapping up Women’s History Month in March! Happy Holi, Passover, Ramadan and Easter to all who celebrate! The feminist conversation around EQUAL PAY has taken on an intersectional...

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Feminist Friday – Be Bold Edition, February 2021

WELCOME to the BE BOLD edition of NOW New Jersey’s monthly FEMINIST FRIDAY Newsletter in celebration of Women’s History Month in March! Senate or Bust! We are soooooo inspired by Assembly Member Valerie Huttle’s BOLD MOVE to take her case to the voters! Since Senator...

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Feminist Friday – January 29, 2021

WELCOME to the January Pressure Cooker edition of NOW New Jersey’s monthly FEMINIST FRIDAY Newsletter! It’s been less than two weeks since we all watched the first Latina United States Supreme Court Justice swear in the first woman, first Black, first South Asian, to...

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We take back our country on January 20, 2021

HAPPY INAUGURATION EVERYONE! I know many of us were looking forward to putting 2020 behind us in the hope of a better 2021. The start of this year has already been challenging: I am still hopeful. We cannot let the events of January 6th erase the hard won victories of...

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Feminist Friday – December 18, 2020

WELCOME to the December edition of NOW New Jersey’s monthly FEMINIST FRIDAY Newsletter! 2020 has been a whirlwind of a year and we are hopeful that in 2021 we can restore normalcy to our country and our lives. In the spirit of the season, watch as Randy Rainbow out...

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ICYMI @GovMurphy and @SenatorLorettaW call on New Jersey to be a reproductive freedom leader among states by striking down remaining health care barriers. It's what the moment demands. #PasstheRFA

Texas’s S.B. 8 violates Texan’s rights but the Supreme Court has let it go into effect. We aren’t backing down and are still fighting. Everyone deserves access to abortion. #BansOffOurBodies

The US Supreme Court's inaction speaks volumes. Make no mistake - Texas is not alone in wanting to strip women of their rights. New Jersey can delay no more. We must take action and #PasstheRFA to protect access to essential healthcare.

NOW-NJ PAC is proud to endorse @PhilMurphyNJ and @SheilaOliverNJ for re-election. Their leadership has changed the landscape in New Jersey and we look forward to working on women's issues with them for another 4 years. #StrongerFairerForward


NOW-NJ PAC released their list of endorsements to celebrate Women's Equality Day with @SheilaOliverNJ and other legislative champions, candidates and activists. Read the full list here -

"Unless and until @Jack4NJ and @dianeallennj expressly repudiate Trump’s actions, each must be regarded as unfit for the office they are seeking."

We agree! @NJGov Remind us again why NJ's Equal Pay Act is named after HER?

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