Our Priorities

Reproductive Rights & Health

The Reproductive Freedom Act is here!! Bills S3030/A4848 will codify the right to abortion and expand access for all New Jerseyans. Visit www.reproductivefreedomactnj.org to learn more. In his 2020 State of the State address Governor Murphy committed, “to codifying a woman’s full reproductive rights in state law. At a time when these rights are under attack nationwide, let’s make clear where New Jersey stands.” We are working with our partners to codify abortion rights and increase action for all in New Jersey. We must ensure that we preserve  bodily-autonomy and the right to make their own decisions regarding pregnancy outcomes and use of birth control for all New Jerseyans.

With the gag-rule on Title X funding, New Jersey based service providers have chosen to forgo the funding. We applaud the New Jersey legislature  for stepping in to fill the gap.

Menstrual Equity

Menstrual pads and tampons are basic necessities like soap and toilet paper. However, they’re not provided in school bathrooms, creating educational barriers for students with periods. A 2018 survey by Always found that 1 in 5 girls in the U.S. left school early or missed school entirely because they could not access menstrual products. 

Bills S692/A3388 “Requires School Districts to Provide Menstrual Products” will ensure that free, safe menstrual products are available for those who need them and that no student’s learning is hindered by a lack of access to the products that their biology demands.

To join our coalition or learn more, visit www.equalityperiodnj.com.  

Comprehensive Sex Education

While we are pleased with the new sex education standards that were employed in 2020 (see our testimony to the State Board of Education here), we are working to ensure compliance and consistency in implementation.

New Jersey currently does not have laws regarding sex education. We are working on legislation to ensure that a consent-based comprehensive curriculum is mandated for all public schools in the state. 

#MeToo in NJ Politics

Following the deeply disturbing reports of sexual
harassment and assault uncovered in the Star Ledger in December 2019 exposing the realities faced by women engaged in the New Jersey political arena, we are committed to changing this “toxic climate of misogyny, harassment and sexual assault.” 

In holding our legislators, administration and the powers-that-be accountable, NOW New Jersey will play a vital role in about change that
addresses the power imbalance that creates this climate.  

Gender Neutral Ballots 

NOW New Jersey recognizes that representation matters and urges more women to run for office. At the same time, we remain cognizant of the inherent discrimination that still exists in our electoral process.

One such bias is gender conforming position titles on our ballots. After changing ballots in Union County with “Councilman,” on them, we are pursuing legislation to ensure statewide compliance. Bills S1201/A1674 have been introduced by NOW New Jersey for that purpose.  

ERA Ratification

Ratification and adoption of the Equal Rights Amendment remains a top priority for NOW. After 40 years of inaction, the ERA has gained momentum with Nevada, Illinois and Virginia have ratified the ERA in the last two years. We are working with  Generation Ratify to promote awareness and education, to have the public push for adoption by  fully supporting its premise.



A statewide coalition of organizations working collectively to promote sexual and reproductive health, rights and justice through policy change and advocacy.


A statewide coalition formed to advance Menstrual Equity in the state. Our mission is to remove Period Stigma, Period Poverty and barriers to Period Product access through policy change and advocacy.  


Its mission is to unite NJ communities to abolish human trafficking, a human rights injustice, is outraged and saddened at the killing of George Floyd, and so many others. We stand for human dignity, individual freedom, and justice for every man, woman, and child and for the social movements and institutions that preserve these human rights with peace and integrity.


A diverse group of organizations that support initiatives that make sure working families have time to care. Balancing the demands of job and family is a tremendous challenge for working people today. Under the current rules it’s often insurmountable.