Maretta Short

All my life I knew something was wrong. I was not being treated fairly.

Joanie Parks

She understands that the movement can sometimes be difficult, but encourages young women to “just keep putting one foot forward at a time.”

Skip Drumm & Alan Gross

How has NOW impacted my life? I don’t know that platform is the right word, but it’s given me the basis to live my life. To live out my values. To be an activist. To do things that made a difference…

Bear Atwood

The 70s and 80s were a time of incredible transition and I feel very lucky that I was there to see it; on the other hand wish I hadn’t had to be on the forefront of it.

Alice Cohan

…he told her that there were just some things in life that she could not change. Aghast, Alice resolved to spend her life advocating for societal reform.